No Surgery, No Needle, No İnjection, No Side Effects, No Age Limit

Sindy Aesthetic  is exclusively focused on İce Therapy.

The Center of Ice Therapy has more than 21 years experience with emphasis on the removal of:

-Acne scars

-Sun and Age spots

-Razor cut/bumps

-Surgical scars

-Keloid scars


-Stretch Marks




-Wrinkles and various of other scars and blemishes


We have perfected this specialized area of cosmetic dermatology,performing this procedure thousands of time.We have a strong commitment to patient satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

İce Therapy is highly effective to get rid of stretch marks,acne scars,sun and age spots and all type of skin blemishes while repairing and renewing your skin.

İce therapy is a unique system which is treated by giving  guarantee of  removal strech marks, razor scars,sun spots, keloid scars.İt is permanent solution and completely without risk.

For example Sun spots , age spots, freckles can be eliminated with only 1-3 treatments in a guaranteed way.Deep surgical scars,stretch marks, may require 3-12  treatments..İt doesnt take time to see the full benefit of single treatment. For the treatment of hemangiomas in infants and young children, it is particularly well suited.There is no age limit in all treatments.


 İt is usually performed 1 to 2 weeks apart .İf your problem is on on your face, your treatment will be once a week.İf you have skin problem on your body ,your treatment will be in every two weeks apart.

The exact number of treatments will vary depending on current skin condition and age.

Whatever the problem,firstly  a preapplication treatment is needed  to find out how many sessions are necessary for ice therapy treatment.Secondly  one or two  weeks later, according to result  we can tell you all details about treatment.

Once it is complete,the treated area will heal quickly and new layes of healthy skin will form.


The results of İce Therapy are permanent .

Treatment deals with collagen building and oxygenation within the skin.

Regulates collagen and elastin formation. İn fact you will notice your skin continue to improve up to 1 to 6 months after a series of treatments.


What is Ice Therapy?


Ice Therapy  was developed with the latest cosmetic and cooling  technology, that meets the high standards of functionality, safety and environmental welfare.


It is the first device that is operated absolutely no CFCs or HFCs with a solid compressor technology.All treatments with the ICE THERAPY  can be done between  temperature of -32 -40 ° C according to the problem of the skin..İt is a biological treatment process and ensure success in use.There are no side effects


Ice therapy is one of the most extensively device in the world, used for treating on various skin problems


Ice Therapy is a cosmetic device with the latest technology with a specially designed to makes special ice crystals to regulates oxygenation with in the skin.İt activates collagen under the skin which effects  to come  a new and healthy skin. Certainly without any damage to the skin.The latest ice therapy technology  is used by expert beauticians and dermatologists in many countries.Suna Dinç is the general representative and distributor  in Turkey.

 Also Suna Dinc is a expert esthetician.She is  working succesfully  with  İce Therapy in Sindy Aesthetic Center since 1991